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gStack, a tool to empower independent media

Conceived by Galápagos Newsmaking and accelerated by Google, gStack is a content production platform whose mission is to enable independent content creators to build their own editorial newsletters. As a founding member at Galápagos, I'm forging the visual language of gStack and leading every step of the design foundation of this new project.

gStack Preview

Galápagos’ vision aspires to exercise sustainable, transparent, and credible journalism by creating a media model that innovates the production and distribution of digital news. Every project aims to focus on individuals, to invests in technology, regionalization, and diversity. We work towards fulfilling our purpose with lightness and, above all, ethics.

As a consequence of the current political and economical crisis in Brazil, followed by a commercial demise of large print publishing houses and television as the main news outlets, the journalism industry has been facing both financial and credibility crises. Digital media is in a constant fight against fake news, and yet, thirty million Brazilians live in regions in regions with no local press.

Aimed at thousands of authors who have something to tell and are looking for an opportunity to make news content production economically viable, gStack, our project at Galápagos Newsmaking, aims to develop a content production platform, initially focused on editorial newsletters and content producer training - that helps provide income and visibility for content creators, especially journalists, in any region of the country and at any career stage.

With different tools to simplify the content creation journey, gStack provides free email distribution, simple self-service monetization, and a learning experience, seamlessly integrated into the same environment. gStack aims to validate and adapt business models for the Brazilian market, by testing different hypotheses such as low-cost recurring subscriptions, donations from the community, and offering newsletters bundles.

gStack Design System

In progress: building up a Design System for the platform

gStack Design System

Sign-up landing page for the open beta (live here)

gStack Design System

Social media campaigns aimed for creators: testing out which features brings up more sign-ups for our closed beta